1MHL School Hockey Program

Schools are the birthplace of many hockey players. It is therefore the perfect place to start a hockey program to get youth interested in the game and to teach the children all benefits of sports.

In coperation with several NGO's, the Bovelander Hockey Academy developed a unique 1MHL School Hockey Program.  

A well balanced program wherein kids learn the basics and history of hockey in both theory and practice. Talented players (boys and girls) will be selected for school teams and after for the hockey teams of the cluster area. These selected players will be trained by 1MHL trainers and coaches to become the best Indian players of the future.

As important as the hockey part of this school program is the teaching and the learning of the life skills you can gain from playing sports. Special lessons will be given with themes like; team play, leadership and everyone being different having its own talents. Also, special classes will be given about nutrition, health care, sanitation and safety. This all in an easy accessible practice in combination with hockey.

The programs will be enrolled in regions with a cluster of a minimum of 10 participating schools whith at least some playground available, and one central school with good facilities.

All programs are taylor made and in gerenal contain;

  • 2 day school hockey coaching course
  • 8 weeks school hockey program
  • Opening Event (promotional at all schools)
  • 1MHL Hockey League
  • 1MHL Hockey Festival


Projects summary