1MHL Street Kids Hockey Program

Sport (hockey) brings children together, making them feel proud of themselves and their community, like The Ahmedabad Tigers. The program is designed in a way that many kids can participate.

The program is on regular basis and kids not only learn how to play hockey, they learn skills they can use in life. Hockey will develop children in a positive way. They can develop into hockey heroes of the future. 

During all training programs equipment, food and drinks will be provided, as well as hygiene and safety lessons will be taught.

Talented players will be picked for the Ahmedabad Hockey Street Kids hockey team (The Ahmedabad Tigers). The group will play hockey on frequent basis, coached by professional hockey coaches and trainers. Shirts, shoes and equipment will be provided.

Open hockey program street kids:

  • Promotion in the districts
  • Weekly Open Hockey Training  per district
  • Participation at Hockey Festivals

Selected player per district

  • 20 boys and girls of different age groups will be selected from open training sessions and hockey festivals
  • 6 hours training a week
  • selected players will form team and play in (School) hockey league
Projects summary