Ahmedabad Hockey Tigers

Ahmedabad, November 2015

We picked these boys from the fence where they were watching the hockey camp at CN Sports Academy in Ahmedabad. In no time, they picked up the game. ever seen such quick learners as these underprivileged children.

 They even played a match, big and small children all playing together, without needing a referee. Fighting as tigers but playing fair and with respect for each other. Would it not be great to train these Ahmedabad Tigers on a regular base?

Just outside the CN Vidyalaya ground is a community of many underprivileged children. We noticed that in this group there are quite a lot of boys and girls that would like to play hockey. We are now looking for local and international funding to implement a structural hockey program. The program will of course include hockey skills and matches but also lessons about teamwork, leadership and gender equality. Also information about sanitation, healthcare and nutrition will be added which is very important in this area of the world. The Ahmedabad Tigers will not only develop as hockey players but all participating kids will learn and develop basic life skills.

If you like this project and want to partner this please let us know.

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