Rajasthan Project

In December we started the second long-term assignment with the Radjasthan Sport State Council.  For two months, the two Dutch 1MHL trainers, Ewout Pahud and Ineke Botden join the Rajasthan Hockey Academy to give hockey training to about one hundred talents of this Academy in Jaipur and Ajmer.


In addition we want at least 500 children, from all walks from Indian society, to be in contact with our program. Our 1 MHL trainers will therefor train local trainers and buy hockey equipment. Most of these children come from a very poor background and by being involved in sports, these children get out of their isolation and become more confident. In January an open coaching course will be given for all Rajasthan Hockey Trainers and coaches.

After this 2 month period new trainers and coaches will be send to Rajsthan. If you interested to join or be the next Dutch trainer please contact us.


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