Will you be a sponsor of our project in Buldana?

Twelve hours train drive northeast of Mumbai there is a small town called Buldana. We have been requested to develop a hockey program for the underpriviliged children of Buldana. All our hockey programs include workshops about sanitation, nutrition and life skills related to the good things of sports like dealing with winning and losing, teamwork and accepted ones strengts and weaknesses. 

Although a litte far from our other project venues we found Supriya Gangurde, who is an experienced trainer and hockeyplayer, to go to Buldana for 2 days a week.  She gives training to these children is two groups, girls and boys under 14 and under 16 years old. The objective is to select for all categories a team participating in a tournament in Bangalore in december (life time experience, since none of these kids have ever been outside there town). Sportseducation gets these children out of their isolation, it makes them more selfconvident kids. To make it a sustainable project we will send sticks, balls and cones to Buldana.  Supriya will also train the schoolteachers to be able to give hockey training as well.

A project like this is our main activity, but we have very limited budgets. For this Buldana project we are still looking for sponsors to make this sustainable.  Are you interested in helping us?  All amounts are welcome.  Please contact us on info@onemillionhockeylegs.com.   Together we give these children more fun in life with sports.


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