Jatwara Hockey Village

One Million Hockey Legs supports the project of Hockey Village in Jatwara that was founded by Andrea Thumshirrn. Andrea started the Hockey Village with as goal to support children locally. One Million Hockey Legs supports this initiative and visited the Village in November 2015.

Through creating a network, giving advice and promoting the project through the provision of hockey clinics, One Million Hockey Legs was able to successfully contribute to the project. The contact with Andrea Thumshirn and Floris Jan Bovelander goes way back. In 2013, the first Beach Hockey tournament was organized in Goa, India. Floris Jan was present as honor guest, who is the initiator and developer of Beach Hockey and the chairman of the International Beach Hockey Federation.

In addition, the Hockey Village was financially supported in order to welcome 250 children from the area. Foundation ‘One Million Hockey Legs Social Projects’ was able to provide and cover the costs of the additional equipment, as well as all the food and beverages. As a result, the tournament successfully took place and establish a strong relationship among the regional youth children. 

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