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Join us at the Hockey Men's World Cup 2018 Bhubaneswar

FJBovelander with world Cup

We just came back from the Hockey World League Final in Bhubaneswar India. Despite the disappointing seventh place for the Netherlands it was great being there and seeing many great matches in the Kalinga Stadium. Congrats to the Indian team with winning Bronze!

At the same time, we took this opportunity to do research at different event locations in the Bhubaneswar area. As One Million Hockey Legs is organizing a trip for hockey fans to the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup 2018 in Bhubaneswar, India.

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1MHL being part of 'Holland Meets Bangalore' on 27th October

Sports brings people together. That's the motto The Netherlands has adopted for the event it will be hosting at the Jude Felix Hockey Academy in Bangalore on 27th October.  Dutch international football star Johan Neeskens and Olympic Hockey Medaillist Floris Jan Bovelander will join hands with Indian Hockey Champion Jude Felix.

The mini-tournament is part of a day of soccer and hockey hosted by Dutch Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Alphonsus Stoelinga, Charity Aid Foundation India, One Million Hockey Legs, the KNVB World Coaches and the Jude Felix Hockey Academy.

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NTHA Grassroots program

One Million Hockey Legs is proud of all its projects. But our best practice is in Khunti, Jharkhand. In the tribal belt of India. The region is rural and economically disadvantaged. We, as One Million Hockey Legs, cannot say different that that the region is beautiful and hockey is popular from origin.

At the end of 2016 about 4000 children join, on a weekly basis, training sessions that are given by the 40 trainers/coaches (Master Trainers) that are educated by One Million Hockey Legs in a “train the trainer”/ “coach the coach” courses. In cooperation with the local NGO CInI, also our organizational partner, we have set up a social and life skill program that is designed specifically for this area and its needs.

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Mooi bedrag 'Haak je Aan' Campagne Bollenstreek clubs

Op tweede pinksterdag werd het Rabobank Bollenstreek toernooi gespeeld bij de Noordwijkse Hockey Club,  Hockeyclub Voorhout, Hisalis en Hockeyclub Bennebroek.  In de weken daarvoor hadden de deelnemende teams onze 'Haak je aan' stickers verkocht . Floris Jan en Jeroen Bovelander  kregen, samen met Joren Romijn en Jasper Brinkman van Jong Oranje, bij de opening van dit toernooi een cheque overhandigd met het mooi bedrag van € 3608,00.  Met dit bedrag gaan we veel kinderen op ons project in Punjab blij maken.  Wil jouw club ook mee doen met de 'Haak je Aan' campagne, laat het ons weten en stuur een email naar




One Million Hockey Legs zoekt een stagiair(e) online communicatie. 

Heb jij ervaring met social media kanalen als Facebook, Twitter, Instagram en overige dan komen we graag in contact met jou. Tijdens deze stage bedenk je een online communicatie strategie en voer de deze vervolgens uit. Je draagt zorg voor alle communicatie uitingen. En je creëert content en visuals, maar niet alleen voor onze social media kanalen, ook voor de website en nieuwsbrief.


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Business news

Van Lanschot Bankiers new friend of 1MHL

Naast 'Medisch Centrum Nederland' is nu ook Van Lanschot Bankiers vriend van One Million Hockey Legs geworden.  Met deze ondersteuning kunnen we weer twee, misschien zelfs wel drie projecten ondersteunen.

Our new partner Jet Airways

We are happy to announce that Jet Airways, India's leading international leading full service airline company, has signed a sponsor contract with One Million Hockey Legs.  General Manager Sami Chada signed the contract with Floris Jan Bovelander. 

"Within Jet Airways we believe in the power of sport to connect people, creating opportunities for youth and differences in ethnicity, race of gender to level.  Trough our partnership in this impressive project we are supporting with conviction the position and attention hockey deserves in our country. Within the ultimate goal to celebrate the festival with at least 500.000 active players across India at the time that our country hosts the 2018 World Championship in Mumbai".

Cooperation with EduSports

We are proud to announce the cooperation of One Million Hockey Legs with Edusports, signed at His Ambassador's residence in Delhi on December 6. Edusports will be a gateway for 1MHL to schools all over India. Working with over 650 schools and more than 500.000 children, Edusports brings an inclusive and positive sporting experience to every child across the country.

1MHL and EduSports are working on a special hockey program for schools. A year program and a shorter promotional hockey program (6weeks) with focus on the FIH World Cup Hockey in 2018.

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DSM Gold Partner One Million Hockey Legs

Happy and proud to announce the decision of DSM India to Gold Partner at One Million Hockey Legs. DSM is a Netherlands head-quartered multi-business stock exchange listed multinational company.
The partnership is related to the nutrition program of DSM India. From September on shared activities are programmed.


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Interessant artikel in FD

Ook het Financieel Dagblad is het niet ontgaan wat er rond hockey in India gebeurt en welke interessante business links dat kan opleveren.

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